Saturday, 22 October 2011


Previously Unknown US Gun Cam Footage, Germany 1945

In the last week some previously unknown colour Gun Camera footage has emerged from the Romano Archives. The footage was taken over Germany in 1945 from USAF P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bombers and features the strafing of a pair of locomotives and what appear to be industrial buildings next to them. The exact location of the attack is unknown, though appears to be one of the numerous industrial targets that were engaged by the USAF in March and April 1945. The last few seconds show what looks to be a grounded Luftwaffe jet aircraft or fuel dump exploding when hit from the air.

A lot of fantastic footage has come out of the Romano Archives in the last few years. Below is another set of US gun cam footage they uploaded a couple of years ago. It is a compilation of 6 rolls of film that starts with a dogfight and progresses into ground attack maneuvers against a variety of vehicles and locomotives. This footage was all taken over Germany in March-April 1945.

Another set of previously unknown footage was uploaded by the Romano Archives last month, which can be viewed here. The above footage as well as thousands of other reels are available from the Romano Archives.